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Select the property – new or second market??

As in other countriesas in Spain, there is no shortage of properties, both new and from the secondary market. We must decide whether we want to buy a house to renovate or ready to enter, or new, straight from the developer, which is often finished and fully furnished. Let’s see what the differences are in the procedure of buying a new house between them on the secondary market.

Primary market – properties directly from the developer


  • Signed a preliminary contract with the developer / construction company
  • Advance payment is 3000-7000 euros is paid at the signing of the contract and payment of reservation
  • What the preliminary agreement the term of payment is determined by a 40-50-percent contribution totheir own
  • Depending on the date of completion of the project is set date for the signing of a notarial deed
  • Payment of the loan (if the property is purchased on creditis at the time of signing of the notarial deedand the keys

Secondary market  used properties


  • Preliminary contract is signed with the landlord
  • The advance – as the primary market the euro is 3000-7000 and is charge of reservation
  • If the deadline for signing the notarial deed is distant, the agreement specifies the number of the accountto which the deposit is to be paid in the amount of 10% of the value of the property
  • Then sign the deedAt this point, there are also other paid money for an apartmentAlso if if the propertyis purchased on credit – it is run and the money goes to the account of the current landlord.
  • Over the course of the entire purchasing process ensures our lawyeryou can also use the services of a certified translator.